Abbreviation Vehicle - technics - passenger cars

Abbreviation Vehicle Technics Passenger cars

For a better legibillity of our surveys, we put up a list of Abbreviations of the most important terms about passenger cars (Stand 08/2011). If you miss an Abbreviation, please contact us. Thank you

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§: Paragraph

§ 25a (UStG): Without GST

1.Hd: first hand

1/3 : 2/3: asymmetric separated backseat, stowable

4 WD: four-wheel-drive

4x4: four-wheel-drive (see 4 WD)

60/40: asymmetric separated backseat, stowable

8f., 8-fach: 8 wheels available, Snow Tyres  and normal Tyres available                                                                               nach oben


A/C: Air Conditioner

AA: automatic motor aerial

ABS: anti-lock breaking system

abSP: automatic  dipping rear-view mirror

AC: Auto-Check-System

ACC: Active Cruise Control

ADa: folding roof/ pop-up roof

AHK: coupling device

AHKA: coupling device (moveable)

Air.: Airbag (with number of bags, e.g. 6-times)

Alarm: alarm device

Alc: Alcantara

Alkoven: 2 sleeping berths above drivers cab in campers

Altauto: juristically, a car older than ten years, is known as Altauto.

Alu: alloy rim

APS: autom. parking system

Arm: centre arm rest

ASC: anti-slip-control

ASC+T: differential lock

ASD: automatic self-lock differential

ASP: traction control system (TCS)

aSp: automatic retractable mirror

ASR: traction control system

ASU: emmisions testing

AT: outside temperature display

A'temp.: outside temperature display

ATG: replaced transmission; used transmission attached

ATM: replaced engine, used engine attached

AU: emissions testing

aufb.: conditioned

Ausst.: equippment

aut.: automaticaly

Autom.: automatic

Avant: name for estate car at Audi

AWD: all wheel drive

nach oben



BAB: passenger air-bag

Bastlerfahrzeug: Bastlerfahrzeuge weisen meist erhebliche Mängel auf, z. B. wegen hoher Laufleistung oder hohen Alters.

Baurat: Da der KfZ-Brief abgelaufen ist, muss das Fahrzeug vom Baurat neu abgenommen werden.

BC: Car computer

Bj.: Year of manufacture

BOSE: BOSE-Soundsystem

BR: wide base tyre

BSS: Boom Suspension System

Bullf.: fender

nach oben



Caravan: name for estate car at Vauxhall

Cass.: Cassette storage

ccm: cubic centimetre. Names cubic capacity.

CD: CD-Player

CDI: Diesel (Common Rail)

CDR: CD and Radio

CDW: CD-changer

Climatronic: electric controlled air-conditioner

Col.: toned windows

Coupé: sportive zwo-seater with doors

CR: Cassette-Radio

nach oben



D: diesel fuel

Dachrel.: longitudinal beam

Dies: Diesel

Diff: differential = axle drive

Diff.: differential = axle drive

Diff.Sp.: differential lock

dig.: digital

DO: double (e.g.: Do.Air. = double-Air-bag)

DoKa: crew cab

Do'rollo: Double roller blind, cargo covers and separating net for estate cars

DR: roof luggage rails

DSC: dynamic stability controls

DSP: HiFi (Digital Sound Processor)

DTI: Diesel (direct injection engine)

Durchlade: opening in backseat  (e.g. ski transportation)

DWA: anti theft alarm system

DZM: revolution counter

nach oben



e.FH: electric window lift

e.GSD: electric sunroof (glass)

e.GSHD: electric sunroof (multifuncion; glass)

e.SSHD: electric sunroof (multifuncion; steel)

eASP: electric exterior mirror

EBS: electric contolled break system

EDC: buffer control

EDS: electric differential lock

eFaltd.: electric  folding top

eFH: electric window lift

eGHD: electric elevating roof (glass)

el.: electric

Elektrostarter: electric starter motor for motorbikes

el.Verd.: electric hood

eSD: electric sliding roof

eSi, eSitz: electric adjustable seat(s)

eSo: electric Sunblind

ESP: electronic stability program

eSp.: electric adjustable Mirrors

eSSD, ESSD: electric adjustable Sunroof (Steel)

ESV: electric adjustable seats

EU-Fahrzeug: Fahrzeug, das im Ausland zu einem niedrigeren Nettopreis als in Deutschland angeboten wird, um trotz z.T. sehr hoher Mehrwert- und Luxussteuersätze konkurrenzfähig zu sein. .

eV: electronic hood (Cabrio)

eVB: electronic confirmation of insurance coverage

EVS: electronic adjustable seat

Exportpreis: Net price. Exported cars are without GST because GST is repayed after export.

Extr.: Extras

EZ: initial registration

nach oben



FaHa: carrier for bicycles

Falt-SD: folding sun roof

FB: remote control Finz.: financing

FIS: Car computer (Driver information system)

FP: fixed price

FS: drivers licece

FZV: remote controlled central locking system

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GA: cover sheet for luggage space

Gar.: warrenty

Gar'wg., GaWa: car was kept in garage

GD: glass roof GDe: glass roof, electric

gepfl.: wll kept

get.Bank: divided backseat

Gg.: gear (number of gears)

GHD: sun roof (glass)

GIS: seats with integrated seatbelts (Cabrio)

GJ: Ganzjahresreifen

G-KAT, GKAT: controlled catalyzer

GPS: navigation system (Global Positioning System)

GRA: speed control

gRÜ: divided backseat(z.B. 1/3 - 2/3)

GSD: sun roof (glass)

GSHD: multifunction sun roof

gt.Zust.: good state

GW: car was kept in garage

nach oben



Hardtop: cabrio hard top

Hd.: number of registered previous owners

HDa: high roof (camper)

Heckw./HW: rear window wiper

hi: rear side

HiFi: hifi system

HK, HVK: trade price (pre-tax)

HLS: rear side speaker

HO: wooden applications Holz: some areas, especially car dash board, are covered with wood

HS: heatable windowscreen washer jet

HSp: rear spoiler HSN: producer key number; marked in car, used for car identification

HU: general inspection

hvst.: vertically adjustable

H'wi.: rear window wiper

Hybr.: Hybrid (kombinated engine)

Hzg.: heater

nach oben



i: Injection

i.A: by order of

Ins: inspection realized

Inz.: trade-in possible

Trade-in: means that you can offer your old car to the tradesmen in course you buy a new car.

IR-FB: infrared-remote control

IR-ZV: infrared-central locking system

nach oben



Jahreswagen: Ursprünglich Fahrzeuge, die von Mitarbeitern deutscher Autofabriken zu besonders günstigen Preisen eingekauft und erst nach einem Jahr wieder abgegeben werden durften. Heute ist dies bereits nach neun Monaten möglich. Vorsicht: Da der Begriff nicht geschützt ist, kann es sich auch um andere junge Gebrauchte handeln, z. B. Mietwagenrückläufer oder Vorführwagen.

JAQ: Jaquard-Satin-seat cover

JW: Jahreswagen

nach oben



K: airconditioner, semi-automatic., manual

Kardanantrieb: kardan shaft drive

Kat: catalyzer

KDgepfl.: servicing kept

Ke: airconditioner, electronical controlled

Kettenantrieb: Chain drive (see also: kardan shaft drive)

Kickstarter: manual starting device for Motorbikes

Kind: integrted child car seat

Klima: airconditioner

km (tkm): kilometre (thousand kilometres, 30tkm = 30.000 km)

kompl.: complete

Kopfst. hi: headrest on backseat

KRS: short wheel base

KS: headrest sales order: 'Im Kundenauftrag' verkauft ein Händler das Fahrzeug für einen Kunden auf Provisionsbasis. Vorsicht: Als Vorbesitzer gilt der Auftraggeber des Händlers, daher besteht keine Gewährleistungspflicht des Händlers für das Fahrzeug.

KW: kilowatts (1 KW = 1,359 PS)

nach oben



Ld.: leather

Led.: leather

LHD: Left Hand Drive

Lima: electric generator

LLR: leather steering wheel

LM: alloy rim

LMF: alloy rim

LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas engl.  

LRA: cargo cover

LRS: long wheel base

Lsp: speaker

nach oben



man.: manual

mech.: mechanic

m: mechanic

MA: canvas cover (camper)

MAL: centre arm rest

MEM: Memory = seats and mirrors can memorize their positions

met: metallic-paint

MID: multi information display

MFA: multifunctional display

MS: Snow Tyres

Mwst.awb.: GST is reported

nach oben



Navi: navigation system

Neufahrzeug, Neuwagen: new car, car has not been admitted in traffic yet

Nettopreis: Price without GST

Netz: separating net

neuw.: in mint condition

Niv.R.: automatic levelling system

Niveau: automatic levelling system

NP: original price

NR: non smoking car

NS: rear fog lite

NSL: rear fog lite

NSW: front fog light

nach oben



Oldt: vintage car

nach oben



Paket: summarized extras

PDC: Park Distance Control

perl: Perl-Effect-Lackierung

PF: air filter

PS: (old) - power messuring unit (today kW)

nach oben



Quattro: four wheel drive

nach oben



R: Radio

R/C: radio/cassette

R/CD: radio including CD-player

Radio/NAV: Radio including navigation system

RB: backseat

RC: cassette-radio

RC-Navi: cassette-radio including navigation system

RD or Rd.: Radio

RDC or Rd-Cass: radio including cassette-radio

RDS: Radio including RDS

Re-Import: Fahrzeug eines deutschen Herstellers, das im Ausland zu einem niedrigen Nettopreisen verkauft wird, um dort trotz der z.T. sehr hohen Mehrwert- und Luxussteuersätze konkurrenzfähig zu sein.

Rel.: roof railing

rest.: refurbished

Restwert: salvage value

RHD: Right Hand Drive

Riemenantrieb: belt drive

Roadster: Cabrio with two seats

Rotes Nummernschild: red licence tag (used for transportation for new or not declared cars)

RS: rain sensor

nach oben



SA: aerial included in window

SAS: side impakt protection

SAT-Nav.: navigation system

Scheckheft, scheckheftgepflegt: Das auch Scheckheft genannte Inspektionsheft dokumentiert die Durchführung regelmäßiger Inspektionen.

SD: sun roof

SDI: Diesel (direct injection)

Servo: power assisted steering

SH: park heating

Shadow: chrome fragments arround the windowin same colour as the car

SHD: sun roof (steel)

SHZ, SiH, Sitzhzg.: seat heater

SIW: bumper in same coulour as the car

SKD: sun roof (steel)

Skis.: load-through for skis

SoD: sun roof

SOe: electric sunscrean rear windwor

Softtop: top for cabriolet

SpA: sportive interior

SperrDiff.: self-locking differential

Sperre: self-locking differential

SpF: sports running gear

SpL: sport steering wheel

Spoiler: spoiler

SpS, Sp'sitze: sport seats

SR: summer tyres

SRA: headlight-cleaning system

SSD: sun-roof (steel)

SSHD: multifuntional sun roof (steel)

ST: Servotronic

Standhzg.: park heater

Styling: Styling-set

SV: power-assisted steering

SWW: headlight cleaning system

nach oben



Tageszulassung / Kurzzulassung: Zumeist aus vertriebstaktischen Gründen durch den Händler zugelassene Fahrzeuge - im Prinzip Neufahrzeuge mit 0 KM Laufleistung, aber bereits einem Eintrag im Fahrzeugbrief.

Targa: Coupe mit herausnehmbarem Dachteil

TD (Tdi): Turbodiesel, (Turbodiesel including direkt injection)

TDS: Turbodiesel

Tel: telephone

TelVor: telephone prearrangement

Tempomat: speed control

THER: Thermotronic

tiefer: shock absorber are set up deep

Tiptronic: tiptronic

tkm: thousand kilometres

TL: partly leather equiped

touring: estate car at BMW 

trg.: türig, z.B. 3trg. = das Fahrzeug hat insgesamt 3 Türen einschließlich Heckklappe

Trittbr.: footboard

TSN: Type key number; signed in car,used for unique identification of the car.

Turnier: Estate car at Ford

TüV: Technical inspection authority

TV/NAV:navigation system with television included

TZ: vehicle registration valid for one day

nach oben



U.-frei: without accident

U-KAT: unregulated catalytic converter

Unfallfahrzeug: vehicle involved in an accident, often used to repair other cars

unf'frei: without accident

nach oben



V (z.B. 16V): valves (16 V = 16 valves,at a four cylinder engine means 4 valves per cylinder)

v. Pr.: from private person

v. WA: from an Plant affiliated person

Van: saloon car

Variant: estate car at Volkswagen (VW)

VB: asking price

Vel.: Velours seat-cover

VFW: demonstration car

VK: date of disposal

vL: adjustable steering column

vo: front

Vollausstg.: fully equipped

vorb.: primed (e.g. Radio oder Telephone)

Vorführfahrzeug: car that was admitted to the bargainer to arrange running tests

VS: Asking price

vSi: driver seat, vertically adjustable

nach oben



WA: Plant-affiliated

WDG, WD-Glas: insulated glass

WFS: immobilizer

WGA: Wertgutachten z.B. für Pkw von

Wiederbeschaffungswert:replacement value

Wind.: draft stop (Cabriolet)

Winter: winter service-pack

Wi'reifen: snow tyres

WiWa: headlight cleaning device

WR: snow tyres

WS: anti theft device

WSG, heat protection glass

nach oben



Xen., Xenon: extremely bright frontlights

nach oben



ZI: additional implements

ZSA: central greasing systeme

Zust.: state

ZV: central locking device

ZV/FB: remote controled central locking device

ZVFu: central locking device with radio remote control

ZVI: central locking device with infrared remote control

ZVR: central locking device

Zyl.: number of cylinders

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