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Valuation report for used cars up to 70.000 € value - Germany-wide




The valuation report (Premium service)  costs only 150 € and includes an extensive functional check, a sight check and a test drive of a vehicle not older than 25 years. The check will be carried out at the car site and is arranged by one of our car experts at a fixed price.

Vehicles that are older than 25 years are treated like classic or vintage cars. See

vintage car valuation report (including retail book value)

This used car valuation report includes a valuation of the market price or the salvage value by an independent vehicle inspector. Our vehicle can also calcualate the undervalue and optional repair costs. These can be very high, which can reduce the market price considerably. An auto lift is necessary for a vehicle valuation report and can be organised by our inspectors. If no auto lift is available, the inspector will contact you and maybe the contract will be cancelled.

If you are interested in the checking of an LPG-Gas system (density, state, etc.) then let us know in the contract in "Notes". This kind of check is generally not part of our standardised valuation report for used cars. 

The used car valuation report contains all information of a status report with more than 150 checkpoints and significant pictures of the car.

The test drive is included in this service package! For the test drive we need a casualty insurance for the vehicle. Otherwise we need a closed private area to do a test drive.

Your contract will be processed within 2-3 working days, provided that we get the allowance and an appointment from the car owner to check the car.

Finally you get an inspection report together with the valuation report for the car per email. And then you can decide at home whether to buy the car or not.

In either case you are in a good position for negotiating!



How does the "Premium service" work?

  • Finding a used car (e.g. Internet)
  • Getting the  "OK" for the check from the car owner
  • Filling in the online form
  • Our car experts check your car
  • Getting the valuation report including a check record and pictures - online



Reasons for using our service

  • Buying/selling a used car at a fair price
  • Indication of possible undervalues and repair costs
  • Trading - in
  • Leasing redemption
  • Submission at the collection office



What is included in the car valuation report?

Here you can see an example of the vehicle valuation reportpdf_button

Service description Passenger car valuation report