Used car - Checklist


Important checkpoints from A-Z: What should you have a close look at when doing a used car check on your own?


  • Is the exhaust free from rust and fixed?



  • Are there white sediments on the poles?
  • starts the engine directly?



  • Are head lights, breaking lights, indicators and rear lights working?
  • Are the glasses from the head light unharmed?
  • Do all control lamps work if you start the engine?



do the brake pads have a depth of at least 4mm?

Have the break discs rills or cracks?



  • are there dints or deep cuts on the rims especialy on the edge?


Front window

  • Do you see scratches or stone chippings?


Gear change

do all gears work without any wild noises?


Interior room

  • does it smell mouldy, are there clammy areas?


Kilometre reading

  • Does the kilometre reading fits the traces of wear?



  • Is the oil consumption acceptable (let it attest from the salesman in the contract!)

  does the oil contain any water or metal parts?



    • Are all data correct in the certificate of acceptance and do they compare to theese in the service booklet?
    • are constuctural changings noticed in the documents?
    • are chassis number and car-ID in the car the same as in the documents?
    • Are repairings documented with bills?
    • Is there a check-record from the last general inspection?



    • Are the tyres worn out irregular?
    • Do the tyres have the compulsory pattern depth?


    Accident damages

    • are there chreds of painting on the rubber gaskets?
    • Does the varnish have any roughness? (Body filler you can find with a magnet!)

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