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online car market Autoxy worjs together with if you search for a used car

The online search engine autoxy that is represented in several countries, works together with in germany."

For finding used cars the car searching program from uses special algorithms that finds relevant results of the wanted vehicle from all online market places. In that way the potential customer gets a overview about the actual car market and his chosen car. The user thus needs not to find a car by manual search and can use the search programm from

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Now available, nationwide expert monitoring while buy a used car

Since beginning of decembre 2011 - Services offer a nationwide expert monitoring while buying a used car. The client just orders a vehicle surveyor at via the form expert monitoring. Following our surveyor at the car site calls the client and arranges a meeting togehter with the salesman for the expert monitoring at the car site.

Our experienced vehicle Surveyors actively help you as expert monitors and check the used car at the car site before you buy the car .

we especially care for eventuall accidents and a plausibility of the kilometre readingof the used car.  Furthermore we check all neccesary  vehicle functions. The vehicle surveyors from respectively FSP - Partner from TÜV Rheinland determine a fair price before the proceedings.

After theese determinations of the vehicles state and worth the vehicle surveyor now can support the client at the proceedings buy deliver him some arguments.

Die expert monitoring to buy (or even sell ) used cars is offered nationwide for a fixed price of 150 EUR. A decrease of the actual purchasing price because of deficiencies on the car happens very often. Thus you have a neutral oppinion from the expert monitorer from for your chosen car. - 09.12.2011

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Causes of fraud on used car market - August 2011

Nowadays causes of frauf on the used car market in the internet become more and more. The most cases are known in england. Because of this topic we have a special theme for you concluding hints how to buy a used car secure. Link 

New nationwide vehicle valuation at

New possibilities - Germany-wide, real vehicle valuation for used cars, vintage cars and caravans -

Your dreamcar or caravan from the internet is on the other side of the country? How reliable is the salesmen?

No problem: Certified vehicle surveyors from check the car at car site.

Nowadays many clients are looking for a used car or a comfortable caravan for their next hollidays. Most do so via internet.

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Der Ratgeber - used car evaluation

  Gebrauchtwagen – BegutachtungAutobild_190609_klein

 Die Prüfer im AUTO BILD-Test


Der Traumwagen steht 500 Kilometer entfernt? Kein Problem: Der Experte fährt hin und checkt ihn

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Autozeitung - used car - special - remote diagnososis

Autozeitung_kleinJuly 7,  2010 - in  Autozeitung

The car of your dreams stands at the other end of Germany? No problem: experts on-site put the car to the acid test.

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Used cars seminar Steffen Schreck

November 2010 - End of "" extended - used car seminars in cooperation with Stefan Schreck in the bag.


The offer of "" from Jena is now supplemented by an important area. The used car customers can now before a purchase decision in Steffen Schreck - attend seminars on terror a used car seminar.

How and where should a sale willing to offer car owners the vehicle? How can he express his texts and photographs as his car? When purchasing a new or used car, a customer would enter his vehicle in payment. How does he know whether the price offered is right?

Author: Stefan Schreck

Stefan Schreck, of red rock in the district Main-Spessart, experienced daily disappointed, and completely insecure incorrectly advised customers. As a certified Mercedes Benz salesman, he knows all the tricks out there on the subject of used cars.

After almost a year of preparation for the seminar now offers Steffen terror "used car buying and selling - How it is done!" On. From the smallest town in Bavaria is one that in this form Germany's unique offering out. For the first time individuals could also be initiated into the secrets of the automotive trade. In a three-hour course, participants learn not only how to present cars in a variety of media correctly. Customers also learn to take pictures of their cars properly. Students will learn how to search cars properly. You understand how to read a review Schwacke correctly. Avoid future cases in finance. The actual assessment of their used vehicle is an essential component.

Important court rulings, interesting links as well as model contracts and competent partner of the visit to the collection of the vehicle completes the course. Everyone will be able to save on your next car purchase, or bring in a private sale for the best turned out.

This course is held at the request woman as a pure course.

"The auditors are the perfect complement for my used car seminar," added Stefan Schreck detected after several conversations. "For me to know the customers what and how they look, the examiner then check the object of desire on the heart and kidneys. Another partner of the auditors wish to bring the vehicle to the front door, "Steffen fright now describes a closed circle of the buyers time and hassle, and above all saves a lot of money.

as Angebot von „“ aus Jena wird ab sofort um einen wichtigen Teilbereich ergänzt. Der Gebrauchtwagenkunde kann nun vor seiner Kaufentscheidung bei Steffen Schreck - unter Schreck-Seminare ein Gebrauchtwagenseminar besuchen.

Wie und wo soll ein verkaufswilliger PKW Besitzer sein Fahrzeug anbieten? Wie soll er seine Texte formulieren und wie sein Auto fotografieren? Beim Kauf eines Neu- oder Gebrauchtwagens möchte ein Kunde sein Fahrzeug in Zahlung geben. Woher weiß er, ob der gebotene Preis der richtige ist?

Autor: Steffen Schreck

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Valuation report point and click - car purchase on Internet

Bild_100309_Wertgutachten_per_Mausklick_klein Wertgutachten per Mausklick

Gebrauchtwagenbörse Internet: Immer mehr Deutsche kaufen ihren Gebrauchten via Internet ...

VON A. MAY für Bild Online -

Gebrauchtwagenbörse Internet: Immer mehr Deutsche kaufen ihren
Gebrauchten via Internet. Münchner interessieren sich für Autos aus Kiel
und Berliner für Wagen aus Köln. Das Problem: Wer kann schon das
Fahrzeug vor Ort besichtigen und beurteilen, ob das Wunschauto keine Rostlaube ist?

Redesign of the webseite of

Juni 2010 - with new offers

The website of will start with a new fresh design in the second half of 2010. In addition, the service for customers will be extended.


Trade show Leipzig - AMI and 7th Day of the car experts

09./10. April 2010 - at day of car experts

At the 7th. Day of car experts, presented by the FSP the company are represented with new services about cars. The day of car experts takes place at Congess Center Leipzig parallel to the AMI at the area of the trade show Leipzig.


WDR - Buy a car at Ebay - risk included

Auszug_aus_WDR_Servicezeit_mobil17. November 2009 - auf WDR - Servicezeit:Mobil

Auto bei Ebay ersteigern – Risiko inklusive

Servicezeit: Mobil vom 17. November 2009 - auf WDR

Von Mayk Wienkötter - Redaktion Frauke Keller

Dieter M. ist leidenschaftlicher Online-Einkäufer. Viele Dinge des Alltags kauft er im Internet.
Als er ein neues Auto braucht, versucht er, beim Online-Auktionshaus Ebay ein Schnäppchen
zu machen. Dort hat Dieter M. zurzeit über 80 Bewertungen – alle positiv. Er kauft und ver-
kauft bei Ebay und hat bisher nur gute Erfahrungen gemacht.

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Press1 - Car experts for


October 12,  2009 - cooperates with famous marketplace, the expert platforml for the brokerage of automotive expert, is cooperating with After the relaunch of the portal, customers now have the opportunity to get an independent valuation report for the desired vehicle with just one mouseclick. With, cooperates with one of the three top names for used car trading on the Internet.

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Autohaus online - relaunch on

autohaus-online_klein09. Oktober 2009 - auf

Für den Endkunden biete die Plattform neben den neuen Navigationshilfen, Suchtools und Darstellungsformen auch zusätzliche Service-Leistungen wie "Die Prüfer": Dabei könne ein angeschlossener Prüfdienst gegen eine Gebühr beauftragt werden, innerhalb von 24 Stunden ein Gutachten des gewünschten Fahrzeugs vor Ort durchzuführen.

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JUMP Quicktipp Auto - Remote diagnosis on the Internet

JUMP_Wertgutachten_Auto_Ferndiagnose_kleinJune 26, 2009 - on JUMP

In the internet there are numerous car platforms. And there you can certainly find a lot of bargains. However: the dream car can be hundreds of miles away. Thus, you can check if the "dream on four wheels" is also technically in order. 

gibt es zahlreiche Autobörsen. Und dort lässt sich sicher so manches Schnäppchen finden. Allerdings: das Traumauto kann Hunderte Kilometer entfernt stehen. So lässt sich prüfen, ob der „Traum auf vier Rädern" technisch auch in Ordnung ist.

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Trade fair - FSP und improve cooperation

Leipzig, March 28, 2009 - FSP and improve the cooperation

During the 6th Expert day the car expert organization FSP and the used car portal  extend the existing basis of services for motor vehicles. New services and products will be soon available on the platform .


Trade fair Leipzig - AMI und 6. Day of car experts

Leipzig, 28. März 2009 - beim Sachverständigentag

Im Rahmen des vom FSP ausgerichteten 6. Sachverständigentages stellen ihre Dienstleitungen im Congress Center Leipzig vor. Der Sachverständigentag findet parallel zur AMI auf dem Gelände der Leipziger Messe statt.


Remote diagnosis - look first, then get the car checked

Autobild_130309_Ausschnitt_klein March 13th 2009 - in the AutoBild magazine

Second-hand cars are bought more often via internet. What could you do if the car of your dreams is miles away? Let Surveyors at the carsite get the car checked for you


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Jena, December 2008 - Winners of the 11th Thuringian Business Plan Competition honored

In the City of Science 2008, in the tower's restaurant Jena Intershop Tower, on Thursday (4.12.2008), in front of  more than 170 guests and network partners the winners of this year's Business Plan Competition Thuringia were honored.

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Damage report for insurances hassle-free at

Jena 06 October 2008 -Now after an accident the damage report can be ordered on the Internet. will start with a brand new service: the damage and casualty reports. Everyone knows the situationafter only a minor accident. The effort to handle this accident is staggering, the way to the garage and the long waiting time enormous.


Focus reports on

Jena, August 22, 2008 - The Focus reports in its online magazine about

With the report of the Focus diepruefer have now also gained national attention. Through the reporting of many other media the service website was much more visited than usual.

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