Vintage car valuation report Germany- wide

Your partner for more security when buying or selling a classic car or vintage car. Our expert service provides you with extensive and fast testing services for a classic car valuation, in any place in Germany and Austria. We are your experts for vintage mobile check on vehicles at the location and of course at an offered fixed price.


Do not buy a pig in a poke - but send our car tester some days before buying the vehicle to the owner for examination . Our car experts provide you with an informative used car check (status report) using picture services, a valuation report for the selected used car or even a vintage car valuation with the retail book value. This comes to you via email and then you can easiliy decide from home if you want to buy the car or if the price is justified.

Save valuable time and costs for getting to the car and secure the expertise of our car experts in selecting or selling your used car, vintage cars or classic cars.