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Tips for a safe car purchase

Most cars are now being traded over the Internet. Major marketplaces such as one of our partner assist us.

Once the desired model is selected, many roads lead to Rome. The advantage of buying a used car at a car dealer is the used car warranty, which a private provider cannot offer. On the other hand, private offerings are financially often a lot more attractive. After all, over 50 percent of all used cars are still traded privately. Also, it is of course free to the buyer to close an insurance for warranty and repair costs for used cars. 

To not experience any unpleasant surprises while buying a private used car , you should note a few important things. 

1.) Car condition - Asking price

Do car condition and asking price reasonably match? A trustworthy seller will always give you the opportunity and time to look at the vehicle, or allow, where appropriate, one of our experts for a  neutral and thorough investigation at the vehicle's location.

You should get the car professionally checked, eg according to the checklist of the used car check of  GebrauchtwagenCheck or a used car-valuation report  Gebrauchtwagen - Wertgutachten  on or  the existing expertise with this best free feature list.

In the report you can note down any paint damages, paint thicknesses, clearances, engine and gear noise, rust, wear and tear, leakages with liquid loss and  possible poorly repaired accident damages and any paint thickness measurement. Whether, for example, the wear  at the specified mileage is plausible or not, only an expert can evaluate.

Write down all the functional additive parts and optional equipment.

2.) Papers/documents

The papers must be complete and correct, as well as a general operating permit for reconstruction must be available.

Is there a maintenance log and has maintenance regularly been  carried out ? Make sure of the registration papers (both parts) of the vehicle and that  the seller hold all rights of  the used vehicle. Otherwise, require the submission of a written power of attorney.

After all documents are checked for completeness, get an exact explanation of the car and how it works . Sometimes the electronics has its drawbacks, so it makes sense to have described all the technical operator finesse

3.) Test drive

Make sure you have a test drive, if possible. The vehicle must  be either insured (indemnity or test drive), or be on structurally closed premises. Engine noises often tell you before you start if something is not in order. The engine temperature may indicate deficiencies. If possible, drive on a quiet side road and test different driving situations. If there are any unusual noises during the journey, you should refrain from buying.

And check the used vehicle that is as new purchase to you exactly. The provider should keep to any arrangements agreed on.

4.) Payment

Before each payment, first create a proper sales contract, countersigned by both parties. You can get them at the automobile associations for free. Insist even with sellers from abroad on a German translation of your contract.

Pay by tansfer/remittance step by step. We always recommend two installments with the delivery. Everything else can lead to complications. Especially cash payments always carry large amounts of risk, but is most popular with sellers. Be especially careful with cheap foreign offers and immediate once - payments by transfer.

Checks, on the other hand, often represent a security risk to sellers and are rarely accepted. With the handover of the total purchase price you should at least get the car documents and the car key.

5.) Re-registration with license plate, tax and insurance

When the purchase of the used vehicle is completed, then the re-registration should be made as soon as possible. First get the carrier liability insurance certificate from your insurance.

Then you need to submit the following documents, to the responsible accreditation body:

Once the re-registration is done, the usage of your new vehicle is no more an obstacle. An interesting idea is still to get a warranty insurance. We hope these tips can help you with buying used cars.


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