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Why a used car check?

Used cars lure with an incredible price / performance ratio:

But the line between bargain and failure is above of all financially often quite narrow. Therefore, each Used should be inspected more closely by independent experts. As a buyer, a "must", as the seller an opportunity to increase the value of the offer. 

And you'll also save: 

Often the test results are a new basis for negotiations. We would like to help you buy / sell used cars. Especially in times of Internet commerce, it is increasingly important to make offers as trustworthy and transparent as possible. There are often several hundred kilometers between the potential buyer and the dealer. And even if they are covered, deals with used cars are very difficult to evaluate objectively. your questions

To have a few pictures and a brief description at these values should not be sufficient? Will a correct interpretation of a noise during the test drive be possible? Am I not  too emotional while"buying a car" to work off a checklist rationally? Am I competent enough? Or do I get a friend to accompany me? Where can I get a car check at the weekendr? Does the expert act on my behalf or on behalf of the seller?

We make sure that you get support by professionals for this step


And as simple and customer friendly as possible.

How would it be ...?

.. to find a promising used car offer somewhere in Germany? To instruct car experts and investigators simply from your home to have a closer look at the vehicle?  To obtain a detailed status report of the inspection of the used car by car experts in a very short time? To conduct price negotiations based on this used car valuation and then go to the seller very relaxed? To have the peace of mind that experts have already tested the car on your behalf? 

We can understand you

Try it out: sees itself as an interface between customers who need a car check and our partners, the independent automotive experts. We are a mediator-platform and work across Germany together with selected and reliable automotive expert. So we can provide you with services for the professional examination of used cars at low fixed rates and terms on the desired location. You pick out the car, we provide the necessary logistical chain to enable a service-oriented process for you. 

Keep in mind our tips on safer buying a used car.


Our service offer is exclusively addressed to private customers. 
        The check is part of a visual and 
         functional test. 
       - The check is generally made without 
         cutting work or taking off parts. 
       - The experts evaluate only the state 
         defined in the test report, and considering the 
         circumstances testable components, according to the defined 
         Valuation criteria (legend, notes) a. 
       - If due to local circumstances or to other 
         by the expert not influenceable circumstances some points 
         cannot be tested, this shall not justify a price reduction. 
       - A possible test drive is part of the Highway Code, so not all 
         load and operating conditions can be reached. 
       - With the report neither an investigator’s liability has been established nor 
          contains the report a guarantee commitment for the buyer or seller.