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Used car check and service Germany-wide, fast and professional 




Check a used Car before buying!


Our - service for you:

  • Vehicle is checked at the vehicle site
  • Germany-wide and in Germany's bordering zones
  • Inspectors work according to terms of reference (FSP, TÜV Rheinland (German MOT))
  • Fast handle within 2-3 days
  • Independent certified inspectors
  • Car valuations at a fixed price (including travel expenses for the inspectors)
  • Check by the inspector without your attendance (Expert escort for buying possible)
  • High quality checks and valuations
  • Online access to valuation report and pictures
  • Check of different vehicle types (Used cars, classic and vintage cars, caravan, motorbikes, trucks)*
  • Contact data of your car inspector after entering the order

* if possible we check all other types too at request (Trucks over 7,5T, special build ups etc.)

What you have to do before the deal:

  • Find the vehicle e.g. in the internet
  • Get the "Ok" for the check from the owner
  • Go to "" and click on "Order now" - now its time to relax for you. We do the rest!

I Topseller

  Vehicle Survey
  at vehicle location


  Used car check
  at vehicle location


  at vehicle location


I in press and broadcast

Der AUTO BILD - Guidebook - used car valuation

Die Prüfer in "AUTO BILD-Test"

Your dream car is 500km away? No problem: The Expert is going there to survey it for you

[...] AUTO BILD randomly took offers from the internet and had it checked: two Mercedes SL Type R 129. [...]
Result: purchasing recommendation for the SL 320 – car is in good state.  The requested price matched with the valuation report. The second candidate – thus the expert – should not be chosen. Small buckles, scratches,  leaks at the stearing gear,missing service manual and so on. This survey figures out a price that is much lower than the one claimed from the trader „Die Prüfer" – CEO offers this service since 2008 : „The small costs are worth it" [...]  

Joachim R. Walther
– für AUTO BILD –

Autozeitung - used car-special - remote diagnosis

Remote diagnosis

Autozeitung ArtikelYour dream car from the internet is on the other side of the country?   

No problem: Our Surveyors check the car at the car site [...] What to do if your dream car is in cologne while you are in Berlin, even if the car is in Munich and you life in Hamburg  car buyers at are offered the opportunity to have their chosen car checked at the car site by an independent surveyor. The potential buyer needs only to give his personal datas and affirm the contract – Then its „Die Prüfer"s turn. They order a Surveyor at the car site to approache the car seller and make an appointment. Altogether there are 150 things that get checked, including measuring of the pattern depth from the tyres, look at the complete equipment and possible accidental damages. The Check includes a test run of the engine. [...]

Markus Bach in Kooperation
mit www. für die Autozeitung 15/2010


WDR - Servicezeit: Mobil

purchased a car at ebay -
risk inclusive

WDR Sendebericht [...] Risks at online-buying a used car online –  Dirk S.from Essen is not in the mood for that.

He wants to be sure and knows which kind of car he is looking for: a gas-engine and as silent as possible, a BMW Type 7. At the internet he finds his pretended dreamcar: A BMW Type 740i. However, the car is situated in Leipzig. This is no problem for the man living in Essen: At the internet-site „"he finds somebody who checks the chosen car at the car-site. This service is offered for 120 €. That is what you have to pay for an complete survey.
If the Surveyor his doing his job realy, we  assured ourselves and acompanied the Surveyor Toralf Nünthel on his way to work. [...]

Redaktion Frauke Keller und das WDR-Technik Team:Mobil
Mayk Wienkötter für WDR-Servicezeit:
Mobil & ARD Auto+Technik