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Used car check up to 50.000 € value at carsite in Germany

Used car check nationwide at car site

  • Anywhere in Germany and Austria at the car site
  • Independent, neutral, certified inspectors
  • Fast car check within 2-3 days (if possible)
  • Contact data from your inspector
  • Detailed functional test and inspection according to checklist
  • 150 point inspection report    pdf_button
  • Complete online - service (invoice, documents) via SSL
  • Pictured documentation with significant pictures of all damage and defects
  • Test run of the power unit during the check
  • Paint density measurement to detect accidental damage
only 120 €

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Information about used car check and validity of the offer

The large offer from and the FSP at the used car check is targeted at private customers.

If you need a car valuation report for a used car with an value more than 50.000 € please select Valuation report.

Every used car check consists of two parts: a close inspection and a functional test of electronic devices and aggregates.Therefore we dont cut off any parts of the vehicle. Our independent and certified vehicle inspectors check the vehicle according to the checklist. Should it not be possible für our inspectors to check one or more criteria, he will inform the customer. A reduction of price is not possible in this case, because the inspector is or has been at the car site. A test drive is normally not included in the car check (but in the valuation report). You need to talk to the about a possible test drive before the check. We refer to the Impressum where you can find the general terms and condition acts from FSP and



Details of the used car check at car site

The used car check is used to check the state of a used car or lorry of an age up to 25 years. The report  includes a checklist with over 150 points and pictures of the chosen car. The check is done at the car site and by a professional car inspector for a fixed price. Our car experts act Germany-wide. 

The used car check contains a test run of the drive unit. The sight check of the underbody can only be done if an autolift is available. As the used car check often takes place at private customers on the parking lot or in the garage, an auto lift is often not available. 

The used car check can be compared with a car inspection by the Technical Inspection Authority but has more functional tests, but no safety and emission checks.  But you are free to ask for a technical control board inspection at the same time. This is billed seperately.


With the used car check for your car or lorry you get an extensive picture report and condition record with every found defect. You will get these data per email. So you can read it at home to come and can comfortably make a decision buying your dream car.  In the used car report the three colours of the traffic light signalise the functional states:

  • red: heavy defects
  • yellow: light defects
  • green:  no defects found



Vehicles that are older than 25 years count as vintage cars.

Your contract will be handled within 2-3 working days , provided we get the allowance and an appointment with the car owner to check the car.


How does the "car check" work?

  • Finding a used car (e.g. Internet)
  • Getting the  "OK" for the check from the car owner
  • Our car experts check your car
  • Getting the valuation report including a check record and pictures - online


Where are the advantages of a fast and professional used car check?

  • Comfortable 
    We inspect the used car at car site.
  • Clever
    We support you to get you in a good bargaining position before you drive to the seller.
  • Secure 
     You know any possible defect you before you buy the car.
  • Cheap
    You save money, time and trouble for supposed bargains.
  • Fast
    We work together with independent and professional vehicle inspectors.

Checkpoints of the car check report

Here you can look for the demonstration record for the used car check .

hints to the used car check checklist