Our company

The idea of to offer all over the country high-quality vehicle-test performances, which can be booked online, was developed in 2007 by the founder's team of the Logistikdienstleistungen GmbH.

The founders were the vehicle-service specialist Mr. Kfm. Ronny Dühring, the IT logistics specialists Dipl.-Wirt.-Inf. Volker Heinrich and Dipl.-Inf. Mario Melle, the business management and juridical organisation talent Patrick Brauckmann (M.A.) and the technical specialist qualified engineer Torsten Henning. The company Pixario - Christian Haecker became responsible for the web development.

In 2008 some important partnerships among others with the test partner FSP - a partner of MOT (TÜV)  Rheinland were established.

The whole development  logistics for order processing and payment was a challenging programing task for us which found its climax with the publication of the internet-based diepruefer - service in July, 2008.

In September, 2009 we could build up an other top partnership with,  the vehicle market portal of the German savings bank group.


The business model, to offer a high-quality, Internet-based and neutral consultant's service for used vehicles all over Germany, was taken on by the customers and media enthusiastically.

After all, our customers save a lot of time, have  a good picture of the desired vehicle after the audit and all this safely and comfortably booked from home.

Hence, our slogan: - see - examine - shop & Simply send the expert.


Together with our partners we daily risk everything to receive the most informative test results for view audits of your used vehicles. For us no journey is too long.

Extensive, standardised and certificated test regulations and reports are the result of hard work and have helped us to realise this all over Germany unique service professionally.


Since 2010 we have been offering our test service also in Austria. Additionally, in 2011 we will be able to extend our test performances also for other vehicle areas.


If you would like more information, simply write an email or call us.