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New Valuation method and Protocol for used passenger cars by in progress

The - Germany's leading portal for the manual valuation of used cars by professional motor vehicle experts, has opened a new inspection service for its customers and its independent and contractual motor vehicle experts in December 2020.

The new, manual premium check on the passenger car - used car includes, in addition to the standard used car check, now also a platform-independent value determination by the used car inspector directly on the vehicle.

It takes place in the minutes the really neutral determination of decreases in value and recognizable repair costs by our experts. In addition, value-increasing or value-maintaining measures such as tuning or add-on elements are also listed.

The report is available in English, Danish and French - especially for used car import customers from abroad.

Smart buyers of used cars order in the apron of the acquisition the fast, country wide and to the customer use standardized detailed condition investigation in form of the used car check of the professional. All this without own date stress and even own time loss for the buyer.

For potential salesmen of used cars the Premium Check of is additionally valuable by a really neutral and independent, directly at the vehicle oriented, manual and fast determination of the fair used car sales value by our Kfz examiners in the Premium Check.

For free experts the chance offers itself here vehicles without additional or entrance costs in the well-known organization units in the future strengthened in the free occupation and neutrally to use of the customers to evaluate.

Used car dealers, on the other hand, can benefit greatly from the Premium Check, especially in the import business and here in the fleet inspection via, by increasing margins in the purchasing business.

Do you have any questions regarding our services for the evaluation of used cars at the vehicle location?  Write to us, or call us!

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