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The neutral value judgment for used cars of the expert - A challenge for the still young year 2021 too!

The technically and commercially demanding job description of the automotive expert has changed considerably in recent years. The overall decreasing market segmentation in the area of used vehicles, especially in the age of the Internet, due to large electronic market platforms with high process depth, "accident regulation" by insurers and the state consciously formed oligopoly in the area of "expert organizations" will permanently challenge the professional image of the expert for neutrality and impartiality in vehicle valuation.

"Experts" or organizations tied to insurers or buyers tend to act on behalf of others to the detriment of the customers of these organizations. The order is e.g. the favorable purchase (discussion e.g. german engine talk forum), the economical repair or even defense of settlements (vehicle insurers).  The legislator knows about this systematic undermining of the profession, but currently does nothing about it. 

What can you do, for example, as a private customer or as a commercial participant in the used car market for a fair, neutral and impartial evaluation of your vehicle or the offer regarding condition and price?

As a customer for the used car passenger car in the purchase / sale:

Always commission an independent expert in the event of accident damage - inquiries e.g. gladly through us, the expert can also give you tips on the further settlement process.

If you are planning to sell your vehicle, have our experts or independent experts check it with a premium check in a truly neutral and impartial manner before making an offer to sell. This applies all the more to an offer to buy a used car. Even the cost of a motor vehicle appraisal, such as the Premium Check from you have as a customer or prospective customer of used vehicles usually in any case quickly amortized.

For the free Vehicle expert:

As a motor vehicle expert you remain with in the free occupation without organization connection and without franchise costs and can get after confirmation of our quality standards additional test orders without additional costs. Avoid bogus self-employment, because the tax authorities and customs will increasingly punish abuse from 2021.

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