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What are the costs of a motor vehicle appraisal as a nationwide expert service in Germany from at a fixed price level – IN THE YEAR OF 2021?

Motor vehicle appraisals for the passenger car in 2021: Costs in EUR for the nationwide, german standard for vehicle appraisal and used car valuation by

The costs for the so-called free services used car check and car valuation as premium check are usually handled quite differently by the various inspection organisations in Germany. The fees for motor vehicle experts are not set uniformly, and there is no established scale of fees, as there is for architects, for example.

In the case of the services we offer for the (manual) valuation of used vehicles at the vehicle location by our inspectors, we have worked out nationwide uniform fixed prices for your benefit with our professional experts.

The interested party in a motor vehicle appraisal always asks the question: What does my motor vehicle appraisal ultimately cost? What does the journey cost? What information do I get about the vehicle? How is the content of the motor vehicle appraisal processed and assessed?

There are also different levels of inspection for used vehicles. As your, we work with our professional motor vehicle assessors according to the specifications and guidelines we have updated and revised for the so-called free services of the TÜV Rheinland organisation. This guarantees you nationwide uniform test standards, fixed prices for our motor vehicle appraisals, including travel and a manual vehicle appraisal based on extensive databases and personal impressions of the expert.

This condition assessment with a protocol on the essential technical functions and parts of the car and photo documentation of the used vehicle enables you to make an objective and more secure decision on the purchase of a used car, or indeed on the fair selling price of a vehicle.

A classic sample protocol for a used car check (First Class with complete Valuation) for the passenger car can be found here as an report of a typical motor vehicle appraisal.

Used car Check report by
Used Car Check and First Class Check with Valuation (Inspection and valuation of used cars, without your presence, throughout Germany at a fixed price.)


Our Offer: 

 Estimated Car Value:

Used Car Check

First Class used Car check
incl. valuation
incl. reduced values incl.
VIN query

 - 30.000,- €

 150,- €

 200,- €

 - 50.000,- €

 170,- €

 250,- €

 - 70.000,- €

 220,- €

 320,- €

 - 100.000,- €

 300,- €

 400,- €

In the overview the nationwide uniform prices for motor vehicle appraisals for the passenger car are shown as fixed costs in EUR / € for private customers incl. VAT from

Further vehicle appraisal costs and prices for other commercial vehicles, trucks and motor homes up to 7.5t can be easily queried via the category menu.

The prices shown are for European and UK end users. Our services as a motor vehicle appraiser are available nationwide in a uniform and standardized manner at a fixed price. For special motor vehicle appraisals and the necessary testing technology, as well as for the separate rental of lifting technology and readout of electronic memories, etc., please simply ask us in advance by mail request. - 03/2021

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