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Car Check

Car Check
€250.00 *

Prices incl. VAT

Estimated value of the vehicle:

age of the vehicle:

  • Applies only if:

    • Vehicle value max. € 30,000
    • Vehicle age max.15 years
    • Gross vehicle weight up to max. 3.5 t
    • Vehicle located in Germany

    *The price of the report is depending on the vehicle value. 
    The vehicle value is over € 100,000? Price upon request!

Inspection of used cars, without your presence, throughout Germany at a fixed price.  ... more

Inspection of used cars, without your presence, throughout Germany at a fixed price.

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Type of inspection: visual and functional test
Condition assessment: according to the traffic light principle
Number of characteristics inspected: more than 150
Verification of vehicle documents:
Inspection of equipment: no
Inspection of the interior:
Inspection of the paintwork: paint layer thickness, condition
Inspection of tyres: type, profile thickness, condition
Inspection of lighting:
Inspection of the exterior:
Inspection of the body:
Inspection of the underbody: if conditions permit
Test run of the propulsion engine:
Test drive: if conditions permit
Inspection for visible accident damage:
Reading out errors: instrument cluster
Cause identification:
Assembly works:
Determination of value-influencing factors:
Determination of the market value:
Report document: PDF
Photo documentary: PDF, JPG/PNG
Advice on purchasing:
Adjustment of an advertisement: no
Condition assessment available in: German, English, French, Danish
Vehicle value: max. € 30,000
Vehicle age: max. 3 Jahre
Gross vehicle weight: max. 3.5 t
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If, after the order has been placed, it turns out that the vehicle to be checked belongs to... more

If, after the order has been placed, it turns out that the vehicle to be checked belongs to another vehicle or price category, this will result in a rebooking or cancellation, which may lead to longer processing times and fees for you. Therefore, make sure that you select the right vehicle and price category before placing an order!

Please notify that our services do not include the following criteria:
  • Inspection of the car brakes
  • Measurement of emission data
  • Readout of vehicle data
  • Dismantling parts of the vehicle in order to calculate the damage assessment more accurately
  • Inspection of LPG installations or electronic powertrains
Please ensure the following conditions for a complete inspection:
  • Consent and support of the seller
  • Registration of the vehicle and fitness to drive 
  • Possibility of a test drive (red numbers already attached to the vehicle)
  • Accessibility and cleanliness of the vehicle
  • Ideal lightning conditions
  • Availability of a lifting platform or a pit at the place of inspection or in a nearby garage
  • Availability of all vehicle documents at the time of the inspection
Information on translations:

Our standardised check protocol for assessing the condition of used cars is available in various languages. Please note that information entered manually by the expert via text fields (e.g. the description of defects or damage) is not automatically translated. However, the majority of the checklist is automatically translated into the language of your choice.

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2 Feb 2022

Gute Sache

Wohne im Norden und das Fahrzeug steht in Bayern. Wenn ich selbst hingefahren wäre, wären die Fahrtkosten viel höher gewesen!

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