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Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen.

Im ersten Teil finden Sie den Demo- Protokolle in allen zur Verfügung stehenden Sprachen.
Im 2. Teil sind die FAQ in deutscher Sprache und
im 3. Teil finden Sie diese in englisch.

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In the first part you will find the demo protocols in all available languages.
In the 2nd part you will find the FAQ in German and
in the 3rd part you will find them in English.

Questions about the process Bild

General: How does an order work? Bild

Before you commission your appraisal online, you must first obtain the consent of the vehicle provider for the appraisal. A verbal agreement is completely sufficient. However, this is absolutely necessary in order to be able to carry out an inspection and to avoid unnecessary costs on your part. In addition, in the event of a refusal of an inspection, you can assume that there are defects in the vehicle not specified by the seller. You should therefore think carefully about whether you really want to purchase the vehicle in this case.

Now that you have decided on one of our services and you have the consent of the seller, now follows the order process - this can be done exclusively online and not by phone. The process is only possible online, as you will later also be provided with the appraisal in your customer account. First you have to click on the order button for the service you require, then create a customer account on our website and specify the payment method you wish to use. This is followed by entering the vehicle data as well as the details of the vehicle location and –provider. Please fill in the fields as accurately as possible. This will help us (and yourself) as there will be no unnecessary queries due to unclear details. If you have any special requests, please enter them in the "Comments" field.

After sending, the order goes on hold with us until we have received a confirmation of payment from you. Therefore, we need proof of payment from you as soon as possible. A simple screenshot is sufficient here, which you can send to us by e-mail, stating the order number.

After we have received confirmation of receipt of payment, your order will be released by us and forwarded to our disposition. This then assigns your order to an inspector on site – this process normally takes no longer than half a working day. As soon as the assignment of an inspector for your order has taken place, you will automatically be sent an e-mail. In addition to this, you can also view the processing status of your order in your customer account.

Following the assignment, our automotive expert will attempt to contact the provider of your vehicle as soon as possible and arrange an appraisal appointment. After this is clarified, the inspection of your vehicle usually takes place relatively promptly. If any problems arise within this time, you will be informed by e-mail. A clarification and decision by you can then be made in the customer account.

After the inspection, the expert will prepare a report, which will be made available to you promptly in the customer account. Please note that both the preparation and the inspection of the expert opinion take a certain amount of time and therefore the document cannot be handed over to you directly after the inspection.

Normally, the entire process is completed within a few working days, however, in special cases - this concerns mainly specific requests - delays may also occur for various reasons. Please also note that checks can generally only be carried out on working days. An audit on Saturdays is only possible in exceptional cases.