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Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen.

Im ersten Teil finden Sie den Demo- Protokolle in allen zur Verfügung stehenden Sprachen.
Im 2. Teil sind die FAQ in deutscher Sprache und
im 3. Teil finden Sie diese in englisch.

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In the first part you will find the demo protocols in all available languages.
In the 2nd part you will find the FAQ in German and
in the 3rd part you will find them in English.

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What is a full length report (= Oldtimer Vollgutachten)? Bild

The full length report (= Oldtimer Vollgutachten) for classic cars/oldtimers includes a detailed functional test, inspection and a test drive of a used car or motorcycle that is at least 25 years old by one of our classic car experts at the vehicle's location.

The full length report includes the assessment of the vehicle condition and the determination of the market and replacement value for your insurance by one of our classic car experts including a database-supported market observation. By considering all detected defects and damages, a condition grade is determined for each individual characteristic. As a result, you will receive a detailed condition report with informative pictures of the vehicle online in the customer account.

The following inspection features are assessed by the expert with regard to originality, wear and tear:

  • body
  • paint
  • glass
  • interior
  • technology
  • engine and transmission
  • axles
  • brakes
  • driving performance

In addition, value-influencing factors of the classic car are estimated, such as conversions or timeliness of the general inspection.

The classic car expert also presents noticeable previous damage to the vehicle. These are in practice in the repair often high values, which can significantly reduce the purchase price. The spare parts issue is often problematic and expensive, especially with classic cars.

Please note: A test drive is only possible if the vehicle has a license and the necessary technical requirements!

High-quality classic cars usually require special knowledge. High-value classic cars usually require specialized knowledge. Therefore, our appraisers need longer for researching databases and determining the vehicle value while preparing the appraisal compared to standardized passenger car appraisals. The appraisers are specifically focused on your classic car brand and usually need three days for the detailed inspection and valuation of your classic car.

Please note that an execution of the short appraisal is only available in German and is unfortunately not possible in the presence of the customer.