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Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Antworten auf die häufigsten Fragen.

Im ersten Teil finden Sie den Demo- Protokolle in allen zur Verfügung stehenden Sprachen.
Im 2. Teil sind die FAQ in deutscher Sprache und
im 3. Teil finden Sie diese in englisch.

On this page you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

In the first part you will find the demo protocols in all available languages.
In the 2nd part you will find the FAQ in German and
in the 3rd part you will find them in English.

Information Bild

Can I order several appraisals at the same time? Bild

Theoretically, it is possible to add multiple appraisals to the shopping cart (e.g. one car check and one first class check or multiple checks for different vehicles). However, it is not possible to enter the order details and vehicle data for multiple appraisals at the same time. This must be done separately for each individual order.

Therefore, we ask you to add only one appraisal to the shopping cart at a time. If you would like to order additional appraisals, please do that after completing the previous order! This applies especially for dealers.

How can I compare services? Bild offers you the possibility to compare different services with each other. To do this, first open the overview page for the respective vehicle class. Above the green button "To Product" you will find the "Compare" function, which you can activate by pressing it. Select the features that are relevant to you. You can compare as many services as you like.


You can alternatively activate a comparison

while viewing the details of the service.

Screenshot Vergleich Artikelseite

The "Compare" function is located directly under the green "Order now" button.

You can start the comparison  by scrolling up to the top of the page.

Screenshot Vergleich Artikelseite

There you will find an icon consisting of two opposite arrows and a number.

The number corresponds to the number of services you have selected.

By clicking on the icon, you can once again see which services you want to compare or remove if necessary.

Screenshot Vergleich Artikelseite

Clicking on "Start comparison" opens a table in which

all features and prices of the selected services can be compared.

 Note: The comparison of services is not available on all mobile devices.

How do I use and top up Prepaid Credit? Bild

You select the item Top up Prepaid Credit.
Depending on how much you would like to top up, choose the amount in steps of € 100 in the following window. From € 400 you get discounts.
You can then pay this amount conveniently by using payment in advance.
After the payment, the credit balance will be displayed in your customer account and can be redeemed.


If you then order a report,

please select in the payment process

that you want to use the credit.





You can find a convenient

overview of the use of credit

in your customer account

under “Credit account”. 







In which languages are the expert opinions of available? Bild

For customers abroad, we also offer selected services in English, Danish, French and German.

This offer includes the standardized check protocol for the condition assessment of passenger cars, which is part of both the Car CheckFirst Class Check and the Classic Car Check.

To do this, simply select the language in which the PDF document is to be created when placing the order (this selection cannot be changed for the respective order after it has been placed).Sprachauswahl


Note: Information that is entered manually by the expert über text fields (eg the description of defects or damage), can not be automatically translated and are visible in German in the protocol. However, the majority of the checklist is automatically made available to you in the language of your choice, also have a look at the demo protocols.

What data do I have to provide when ordering? Bild

In order to make a vehicle inspection, we require you to provide us with the most relevant data about the vehicle and its location. Before placing the order, please make sure that you can provide the following information:

  • The vehicle's ​brand and model
  • Vehicle's number, order's number or code
  • If possible, a link to an advertisement
  • Estimated price (is always the Brutto- selling price in the ad / on the vehicle) of the vehicle in euros
  • Power in kW
  • Fuel type
  • Year in which the vehicle was first registered
  • Mileage in km
  • Information about the vehicle owner/seller ( name of the contact person, address, contact details)

You also have the possibility to add individual notes and comments..

Furthermore, it is helpful for an efficient process if you obtain the provider's permission in advance and clarify whether a lifting platform can be used on location and whether a test drive can be performed. If possible, you should have the vehicle reserved..

What does a report from cost? Bild

For insurance reasons, our prices are scaled according to the value of the vehicle. This means that the more expensive the vehicle to be inspected, the higher the price of the appraisal. Therefore, it is important to know the estimated value (is always the Brutto- selling price in the ad / on the vehicle) of the vehicle before commissioning in order to book the right price category.

Furthermore, we have also included a subdivision according to the age of the car. Experience has shown that the appraisal of older vehicles requires more time and usually more photos, as they have more defects/damage compared to a recently used vehicle.

If it was found out after the booking that the vehicle is in a different price category, this will involve a rebooking or withdrawal of the order, which may lead you to longer processing times and unnecessary fees.Therefore, be sure to select the correct price category before placing the order!

The limit for our standardized appraisals depends on the estimated value (is always the Brutto- selling price in the ad / on the vehicle) and varies depending on the type of vehicle. If you would like an appraisal for a vehicle that exceeds the particular upper limit , please submit a request via our online request form.

What payment options do I have? Bild

If you order a motor vehicle appraisal at, you have the option of payment in advance (bank transfer).

The processing of the orders will only be started after confirmation of the receipt of payment by the credit institutions. In order to enable fast processing, orders are released for processing by us upon receipt of a confirmation of payment. Without confirmation of payment, orders remain on hold until confirmation of receipt of payment by our house bank. To ensure fast processing of your order and to avoid unnecessary waiting times, we therefore ask you to send us a remittance confirmation.

When does a motor vehicle appraisal make sense? Bild

A vehicle valuation as part of a motor vehicle appraisal makes sense if:

  • you are planning to buy or sell a used car and need a fair price determination
  • you need a determination of possible reduced values and repair costs
  • you need a vehicle valuation for a trade-in or trade-in transfer
  • you need a vehicle valuation for submission to the tax office
  • you are dealing with a lease repossession
Where do test? Is it also possible to take an inspection abroad? Bild

Our experts' network covers the whole of Germany, which means we can inspect your vehicle whether it is in St. Peter-Ording on the North Sea or near Oberammergau in the Alps. In exceptional cases, we can even inspect your vehicle in the border areas of our neighboring countries by prior arrangement. Please note, however, that an inspection abroad is usually charged extra due to the longer journey. Please submit inquiries for appraisals abroad via our request form. We will be pleased to offer you a quote if an appraisal is possible in your case.

Who inspects my vehicle? Bild

If you want to be sure that the car is in order and valueable, it is better to consult a certified automotive expert from Our experts are independent, neutral and are trained regularly.

Our appraisals are available for you anywhere in Germany and even in parts of Europe. Depending on where the requested vehicle is located, an expert from the region will be sent to the location, who will then arrange an appointment with the seller. Based on the vehicle's condition, he will prepare a report at the site, which will be available for you in a digital form.